What you need to know about buying luxury property in London

The luxury property market in London has changed over the past few years, with several factors contributing to its growth, and knowing when and how to buy can be tricky. To assist your luxury purchase here are a few articles that will tell you everything you need to know about buying luxury property in London, so you can make your own mind up about whether the time is right to invest.

Landmass a company of architects and interior designers have listed 5 features wanted in a luxury home, in addition to things to consider when buying a luxury property.

CBRE residential give key considerations when buying a property in London.

Warren Lewis, in his article for property reporter, highlights the most common request for luxury property in London.

Will Noble writing for the Londonist, highlights and answers the question of what a luxury London flat is, outlining the features required for a property to be considered luxury in London.

Zoe Dare Hare, writing for the telegraph, aims to outline what the definition of luxury property is, outlining the 10 essentials for top property buyers.